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Dean is CEO and Director of Actors Centre Australia (ACA) in Sydney, Australia, which he founded in 1987. In 2017 Dean celebrates his 40th year as a working professional in the industry: an industry which he both loves and respects and which he has devoted his working life to. He continues to be a leading acting expert, innovator and ambassador of the arts, whilst sharing his insights and skills in the corporate and business worlds. Dean was born in Melbourne, Australia, before moving to Sydney. After graduating from drama school, he wrote his first book at aged 25, The Actor’s Audition Manual, which is still in print today, and has become an iconic ‘bible’ for auditionees. 2 years later he opened his own facility. ACA celebrates its 30th year in 2017. ACA is the leading private provider of creative education, career and vocational training in the country. Artists who have studied at ACA include: Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Rose Byrne, Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe and graduate of ACA and Patron, Hugh Jackman. Dean went on to become Head of Acting at two leading Australian institutions, the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), before returning to ACA to create his own vocational acting course, then called ‘the journey’. The course offers a 2.5 year Advanced Diploma In the Performing Arts, graduating students of exceptional quality who continue to make their contribution on the national and international stage and screen. Dean has taught acting and corporate leadership throughout Australia and New Zealand and across 6 countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and Singapore. He has written Masterclass (MEN) and Masterclass (WOMEN). In 2012 saw the birth of his new book, The Acting Edge, which was launched by Hugh Jackman, and which has an associated online training program and smart phone APP. In 2016 Dean launched his new show, Onstage Tonight, a live talk show celebrating artists who make the industry their life, providing a platform for them to share their insight, passion and immense industry know-how. In 2018, World Scientific Publishing will release his latest work, The Artist’s M.A.P., which will define – for the first time – the precise roles, responsibilities and various skill-sets required for an effective career and life. As a teacher and coach, Dean is an open, caring and passionate true-believer in human potential. He brings all of himself to the teaching and training environments: his passion and inquiry, his searching mind and his ever-present ability to seek new ways for powerful learning and deeper insights to release true personal achievement.

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The Acting Edge

Specialist Online Actor Training

The Acting Edge

A 250 page definitive guide to high-quality creativity for actors, teachers and directors. Foreword by Hugh Jackman, here is the freshest approach to the art of acting, and teaching acting, available. If you are ready for the craft of acting to be unleashed and the mysteries of the actor’s process to be unlocked, this is your guide.

‘What you will read is one of the most powerful books on the
craft of acting and an invaluable fountain of knowledge – a
book that feels as alive as his classes do. From one of your
many students, bravo Dean, THANK YOU!’

- Hugh Jackman.


Why this industry? “Theatre, film and TV give the world’s population not only a mirror to who we are but a conduit into connecting with our own humanity: showcasing the best and the worst of the species, the insane and the angelic. What other space in our worlds offer this deep and acute sense of self-reflection? 95% of the population most likely have their most meaningful life experiences and revelations inside a darkened theatre or cinema. I take this context with me into every class and it was the reason I began ACA. To shine a light onto who we are and who we could be, is the name of the game. Actors have an enormous responsibility and role to play, now and for all time. With this and only this in mind, we train, we learn, we grow, we risk and we focus all of our energies on what it means to be alive on this planet, spinning in space. All of our combined energies, through every role we play and every job we take on, show life as it is but more essentially, what it may become. It is an honour to be an actor and a creative artist, to work in this industry we love and are dedicated to, and to follow the call… "Dean Carey

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professional life

Guest Speakeing
I have spoken in many countries about things that matter to me and found they matter to most people. Ideas about our capacity, what holds us back, what might release us, what might ignite our capacity and abilities and what we make a stand for, are all ideas worthy of investigation and revelation. We all want to be more, do more, connect more, achieve more, in whatever ways that has relevance and meaning in our lives. When I speak, I speak from the heart and I speak about daily life and daily examples of how and where we can make a difference. The concepts are simple, although not always easy. I love great conversations with a high-quality inquiry driving them, where audiences can share time, relate and think afresh.
Corporate Training
We spend approx one third of our lives asleep, one third of our lives awake and the other third at work. Percentage wise, half of our lives (now often more) is spent at work. Therefore the relationships and the interactions we are involved with whilst at work need to be functioning, worthy, productive. I have always loved looking at opening up our inner resources and seeing and feeling how much easier it is to work and operate in ‘gain’ rather than ‘drain’. Finding out what triggers each is important and never more so than in the companies and organizations where we spend over half of our lives. For me, corporate training sits inside this context. The results I see never cease to astound me in what people are capable of once certain doors are open.
Crafting a piece of theater that can touch, move and inspire has always held a deep fascination for me. The fact that an audience gives up 2 – 3 hours of their lives in order to sit, watch, and listen, brings with it an enormous responsibility for the creative artists involved. Matched with this responsibility is the joining of ingenious minds and hearts of the actors in the creative process and finally the power, magic and wonder of the live theatre event itself. Directing is something I cherish and my commitment couldn't be stronger knowing what both the audience deserves and what is possible with amazing actors giving their all.
My first book was published when I was 25. My recent book was published at age 53 and my next will be published at age 58. It is quite a profound journey for a writer to wrestle out of the ether and from their own practical experiences and have it come to rest on the page. I have always been committed to writing what I feel most deeply works and what I feel makes all the difference in our creative field. Whether I am speaking to actors, teachers or directors through my writing, I aim to always find the ways of opening new doorways where more of what’s possible for all of us resides.
Corporate Event
Give me a stage and some time on it and I’ll give you an unforgettable event. I believe moments in corporate launches, conferences and events can be magic. I have seen audiences rise the their feet as they never expected to see and feel what they did. I have felt audiences transported from their business environment and become totally enthralled in what only live performance can achieve. From small events that can also have bang and make their mark, to events involving hundreds of guests, the true power of unique story telling fired with imagination and speaking the message of the moment, is always my aim and guarantee.
I have worked with top companies and organizations and found the same thing in all of them: people are people, and the majority of people want to connect in ways that bring out the best in themselves as well as everyone around them. A two hour space in time can achieve a lot. With an environment that calls people to the present moment and which also embraces a sense of fun and freedom, people can truly come to life. Workshops can target any aspect required from a group at work and can enliven elements within that group which would take them to higher ground. Trust, quality communication, team leverage, individual authenticity, and simple exploration about what’s important, all lie within the context of tailored workshops. Education and self-reflection I believe is the greatest gift each person can offer themselves.


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