Industry Testimonials

“In Dean Carey you have a teacher who knows everything about acting. Not only will this online program give you the tools you require, it will also inspire you. Dean has inspired me for 21 years and I’m forever grateful. Bravo Dean, and from one of your many students, THANK YOU!”
- Hugh Jackman
“Full of such essential truth that it seems at once revelatory and confirmatory. MASTERCLASS will give the actor a massive injection of self-confidence, at the same time propelling them into unknown territory. An affirmation of the actor’s greatest strength: instiunct. Buy it!
- Hugo Weaving
“Dean’s book stokes the seers within, it reminds us why we are actors. It is universally valuable to me – whether I am auditioning in Sydney, New York or L.A.”
- Gia Carides
Actors Centre Australia, through the incredible commitment of its director Dean Carey, offers a world class environment for actors to study their craft. I have always found it an extremely stimulating place to teach and one which aims to help performers understand the importance of balancing ambition and devotion, to study with care and humility."
- Phillip Quast
“Thank you for inspiring me and helping me grow as an actor and as a human being.”
- Madeleine
“Your knowledge has been an invaluable part of my process as an actor. The vigour and passion you have inspired in me is what fuels me. You are a remarkable man and teacher.”.
- Georgia
Giving people permission to go “THERE” and letting people know that wherever “THERE” is, is “O.K.”
- Ray, USA